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The video game Rookie Bowman, is about a man searching for an ancient bow, hidden in a mysterious cave. Upon clicking play, a man in a dark, but lit up cave, will begin a short monlougue. He says; "I am just an ordinary man, who heard about an ancient bow, hidden in this cave. Now all I want is to find it." Upon finishing the speech, you can finally move toward a ladder on the right. This will take you toward the next part of the introduction. A few obstacles stand in your way, but soon, a bow will be within reach of the player. By collecting the bow, you will cause the entrance of the cave to collapse, and trigger a slightly longer "scene" than the first spoken words in the game. A strange sphere-shaped drone will fly in from the right, and begin talking to the man, who remains nameless thus far. He asks, "Who are you?", and in return, the man replies "???". The bot asks if he wants the bow, and to that, the man says yes. The drone says that the man can keep the bow, but he must earn it. This is done by defeating each of three bosses in each section of the cave, which the player has to explore. The robot tells the man to follow him, and they proceed to the right side of the screen, where he shows the man how to use the bow.

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Basic Controls: To move, left and right arrow keys, up arrow key to jump, space to shoot arrows, and down arrow key to teleport to arrows. You may also use the WASD keys to move.

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